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Why Billboards?

DBS - Children's MuseumFundamentally, the purpose of any type of advertising is to increase the awareness of a product or service.  While each media has a certain audience, billboards are unique in that they work for you 24/7. 

For what you might spend for a small display message, about the size of a business card, often times you can have a billboard for a full month.  While your print ad will be in the trash the following morning, your billboard message continues to keep your name front and center, exposed to tens of thousands of potential customers daily, for only pennies per hour.  

While $10 may buy you one or two short radio spots each day, this amount might also buy you a billboard message for the same period of time, reaching upward to 15,000 plus viewers.


We’re the first to agree that newspaper display ads are vital to the success of many businesses, particularly when used to feature or highlight a sale or time related event. Equally important is promoting your business and keeping your name synonymous with both your product or service on a daily basis. With competition being as it is, this is critical for growth and maintaining your share of market.

August 13, 2013 - New postings 003Not every viewer will be a candidate for your product or service on that particular day, week or perhaps even a month. However, when the need arrives, remembering your name and message will, more than likely, lead this buyer to your door.

Each media message is created with this purpose. The advantage that outdoor advertising your message is being exposed 24/7 to tens of thousands of viewers each month.

Rates are determined by size, term of lease, direction and traffic count.  Dollar for dollar, outdoor advertising stands alone in value.  The vast majority of our locations, both on the interstate and within the city limits have a yearly traffic count ranging from 2,000,000 upward to 5,000,000 million viewers per year.


Mathematically, it all comes down to numbers.

Many of our billboard sites have a traffic flow of 2,000,000 plus viewers per year.

If your message brings one-tength of 1 percent of this yearly total to your door, this would equal 2,000 potential sale opportunities per year.  And, if you’re successful in selling only 10 percent of those walking through your doors, this would total 200 additional sales per year.

Whether you’re selling automobiles, real estate, computers, have a medical practice or any one of a hundred other types of businesses, this number is huge and well within the realm of being reasonable.

In the end, it all comes down to numbers.


DBS  - Dakota Sioux Casino - Menu & T. Inn S. I-29 - Copy (2)THE END RESULT
Once you have approved both the copy and colors of your message it is printed on a heavy gauge vinyl material with a very high resolution (photo quality) image. In some cases this could involve two or more changes.

Our billboards are illuminated with 400 watt Halite fixtures for dusk to dawn exposure.  Over the past year we have begun to systematically replace our current lamps with a new, high intensity units for increased visibility.  In doing so, we are now also attaching a “Smart-Link”, device on each location which monitors each bulb, alerting us by email of any outage or loss of power.


So, how should you spend a portion of your advertising dollar to maximize your share of market?  Perhaps to start with you could run the following classified.



Who in the world would apply for such a job?

We would, and we can start soon.